Reports & Publications

Here are reports and publications I’ve produced for work that I can share:

Using Tabs and Accordions in EPA Web Content (PDF) (2015)

While tabs and accordions were once common across the Web, we no longer recommend their use on EPA pages. Research has demonstrated that the use of tabs and accordions on websites can cause a number of search, access, and usability problems for the end user. This report details our findings regarding the issues that arise from tabs, and in what circumstances they are appropriate.

Usability Testing with Older Adults (PDF) (2020)

The Boston Public Library wanted to make sure its website was serving its older users well as it moves forward with new technologies and web design. To see how the website fared among older citizens, they conducted in-person usability tests with sixteen seniors, and gave them each seven tasks to complete on the website. This report outlines the results of this study and recommendations for actionable items.