About Me


I am a librarian and I have worked in libraries for the past ten years. I got my MS in Library Science from Simmons College in 2015, and from then until the fall of 2017, I was employed as a librarian for the Environmental Protection Agency (contractor). I worked on the EPA’s website to make it more user friendly. I also answered reference questions from employees and from the public on a variety of topics relating to the agency and the federal government.

I am now employed as the Web Services Librarian at the Boston Public Library, where I helped them move into a content management system, provide usability and accessibility guidance, contribute to the overall strategic vision for the website, and manage and train our nearly 30 bloggers.

My first library job was in a law firm library while I was an undergraduate student. That job sparked my realization that I belonged in libraries. As I’ve taken on different library jobs and learned new things, my interests in the field of librarianship have evolved.

Here are a few areas of librarianship I’m actively participating in:

  • Web Services – I currently work on EPA’s website and I’m always looking for ways to make sure that the user’s experience is a positive one for their organization, since websites are now the main point of entry to organizations.
  • Research Services – I worked on the reference desk at the EPA and I have done so at most of my past positions for the past ten years. I really enjoy finding information for people, but also utilizing new techniques to find information to help make patrons’ lives easier.
  • Library Instruction – I really enjoy teaching users new skills and helping them navigate a world of changing technology, as well as helping fellow librarians learn about new products. I currently develop trainings at BPL for library staff and I developed trainings at EPA on topics with which I was familiar.