Portfolio-United States Environmental Protection Agency

Below are a few pages that I designed as a contractor working for the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The sites chosen here have not changed the design much since I worked on them. Clicking on a photo will take you to the webpages.

A to Z Topics List

A screenshot of the redesigned EPA A to Z topics list on their website
The redesigned EPA A to Z topics list

You can view the previous version of the site in the Wayback Machine here.


A Screenshot of the Mercury in Your Environment webpage on the EPA website

Lead Air Pollution

Screenshot of the Lead (Pb) Air Pollution webpage on the Environmental Protection Agency website

Particulate Matter Pollution

screenshot of the Particulate Matter (PM) Pollution site in the EPA.gov website

Sulfur Dioxide Pollution

Screenshot of the EPA Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Pollution website

MOVES and other Mobile Source Emissions Models

Screenshot of the EPA MOVES and Other Mobile Source Emission Models site

Stationary Sources of Air Pollution

Screenshot of EPA Stationary Sources of Air Pollution website