Working Through Difficult Workplace Situations: Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

In almost every interview I’ve had, I’ve been asked how I deal with difficult workplace situations. Often, they’ll ask for an example of one such situation, and how I handled it.

I find these questions difficult to answer partly because my work doesn’t involve many difficult situations with other colleagues, partly because I’m bad at remembering, and partly because of how I view disagreements.

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Who and Where are the Librarians?

I was talking with a woman a couple of weeks ago, and she was surprised to learn that the Environmental Protection Agency has librarians. It hadn’t occurred to her that librarians existed outside of the traditional public library setting, and especially into a corporate or government setting. Yet, as I was talking with her she described to me a person at her company who most likely is a librarian, but doesn’t have that word in her title. This isn’t surprising; most people have only interacted with a librarian in a public library setting, but there are many other types of libraries and librarians.

So who are these librarians, and where do they work?

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Hi everyone!

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